Jumbo Coffee Pecan Tarts

For my son’s birthday party last fall, one of the desserts I made was a pecan pie. It’s one of my all-time favorite desserts ever, but I don’t make it often. Pecans are rather pricey, for one, and also… I can’t just have one slice. I can’t really just have two, either. If I was really in the mood for it, I could probably eat a third of the pie in one sitting without even blinking an eye. It’s bad, I know.

But this was my son’s birthday, and I knew that if there were guests at the party, I would not be able to indulge as I normally would from the comfort of my own kitchen. I would have to share. So pecan pie made the list of desserts.

So it was the night before the party. My gorgeous pie was in the oven and the timer had just gone off. I put my oven mitts on and I went to check the jiggliness of the center. I opened the door, reached in to grab the pie, and took my eye off it for a split second.

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