Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

Almost every cherry cupcake recipe that I have seen around on the internet uses maraschino cherries in some capacity -meaning, either the recipe calls for the actual cherries to be cut up and mixed into the batter, or the juice from the jar is used as a flavoring.

Personally, I think that maraschinos are delicious, but they don’t really taste all that much like cherries. They taste more like sugary almond-y artificial cherry flavoring. And believe me when I say that I am not the kind of person who obsesses over preservative ingredients and chemical additives, but for a jar of cherries, these babies have got a load of ingredients.

Then there are the recipes that call for a can of cherry pie filling to be added to a batter. Eh. Again, not that I’m completely opposed to using canned fillings (even if I am a little…), that’s just not something I ever have around my house. If I am going to make a fruit pie, I’m going to use fresh fruit that is in season, or really good quality frozen fruit that has no added sugar to it. If that much sugar needs to be added, chances are it wasn’t sweet to begin with and it probably was not in season.

So there I was the other day, in my kitchen, wanting to make some valentine cupcakes. Well, actually… let me back up.

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