German Chocolate Cake

My apologies. This is the third cake recipe I have posted on this blog, and each one has been chocolate. Oops. I’m not too sorry though. I have been having some severe chocolate cravings lately. In addition to these, I also made a chocolate angel food cake for myself. I’m kicking myself for not photographing it, but I suppose it’s for the best. I need to make something different to write about!But German Chocolate Cake has been my favorite cake since I was a little girl. It’s a bit strange, I think, for a six-year-old to ask for this as her birthday cake, but then again I don’t think many children ask for baskets of lemons… both of which I did. And both of which I got.

This is a tiny bit different from a typical German Chocolate Cake. Instead of covering the entire cake in the traditional coconut pecan frosting that really makes the cake, I decided to use THREE frostings here. Yes, that’s right. I said three.

The coconut pecan frosting is used to fill the cakes, and then once assembled, I poured a luscious, dark chocolate ganache all over. Then, I covered that in a chocolate whipped cream, and finally I smothered the top with more coconut pecan. I also accented the ganache and the whipped cream with a bit of coconut extract to imitate the typical flavor that accompanies this cake.

It’s super rich, and super delicious. The ingredient list is extensive, but I still hope you give this a try! 

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