How to choose your first pair of work shoes?

Choosing your first pair of work shoes can be a challenging task – here’s why.

Choosing shoes – like any other piece of clothing – first of all requires that the size is right. Being your work shoes means that they need to provide us with the comfort to perform our work duties throughout the day.

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Make sure we take note of the size of the shoes we’ve already been wearing. Beware that different manufacturers have slight variation in regards to size – e.g. a 7 US size is equivalent to 40 Euro and 6.5 UK sizes. Another advice about size is to shop and try on shoes in the afternoon because our feet expand with use throughout the day. You must try them on yourself and not rely purely on advertisement claims because in the end you are the one wearing them.


Closely related to size is other health issues to consider while choosing shoes. For example, persons with fallen arches are recommended to wear shoes with special paddings to correct their arches especially if their work requires lots of running or moving around. This helps reduce injuries related to over- or under-pronation of the feet. You should consult a foot podiatrist if need be.

The next important thing to consider is function. This is particularly more important for work shoes as different types of work call for unique shoe features. For example, white-collar workers tend to wear formal shoes, whereas construction workers would need special boots that protect them from work-related injuries. Imagine wearing sandals on a construction site? That would undoubtedly present you with the risk of your feet being injured by say objects such as bricks, steel, etc. Even chefs need special kitchen shoes to protect them from heat, food odour and the like. Or healthcare wearing enclosed shoes to protect them from needle-stick injuries.

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Last but not least is style. Choosing the right style does not necessarily require one to spend a lot of money, albeit investing in a good pair of shoes is not a wasteful expense. It showcases our dedication and work ethics i.e. that we take our work seriously. This is particularly important when we go for job interviews and make our first impression to potential employers. Style tends to differ between men and women – with women tending to invest more time, care and wealth towards the fashion of their shoes. A good pair of heels can accentuate a woman’s general appearance – allowing her to be more confident around her work colleagues.

Wearing shoes of a colour that match with her outfit is also important and looking stylish can be a bonus for the ladies to feel more comfortable appearing in public. For guys, style is still important – especially in the setting of office-work. They need to look prim and proper at work – e.g. a good pair of polished shoes goes a long way in making men look even better in suits. Imagine James Bond wearing a pair of crocs? He wouldn’t look as attractive would he?


All in all, choosing your work shoes for the first time isn’t easy. Hopefully by following the advice above, you are in for good head-start.

Choosing the suitable shoes is not easier than choosing clothes when it comes to work fashion style. There are many designs of work shoes that can make you weird at shoes store without researching in advance. No matter you are men or women, you need to know these below tips to find out which style, material, color, size… of shoes match your hobby and work environment.

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The right work shoes must be RIGHT for the activity you will take part in.
You won’t want to wear a high-heel shoes in a long walking day or a rock-style athletic shoes in an important conference. Generally, men are recommended to wear dark-colored shoes in most business events. Also, women usually receive compliments when they choose a pair of elegant high-heel shoes in formal occasions.

It’s more comfortable if your company allow you a freestyle Friday or an outdoor trip, when you can choose sportswear shoes, fabric shoes, sneaker or any type of shoes you like to try.

Please consider SIZE of shoes first before deciding to purchase
You’d better try wearing shoes at store to check if you are comfortable with them. Don’t completely believe in the size of your current shoes because sometimes size 37 or 38 is not the same in different brands. Walk around the store to get a little feel of balance. Wiggle your toes inside the shoes to make sure they provide enough space when you move.

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Color of shoes should be matching with your clothes
It seems not a hard task for those who have basic understanding of the harmony of colors. We suggest a simple tip that the color of your pants should be brighter than your shoes. For example, you can mix black shoes with navy or grey pants. Brown shoes may work with brown, beige pants… Another advice you can apply is choosing a pair of work shoes that matches belt’s color. It is really an easy and interesting fashion combination.

Don’t forget to check the material of work shoes.
Not every types of leather are the same. For example, it’s unnecessary to polish shoes that are made from suede. Soft soled shoes are more comfortable than stiff soles. The sound of tapping of hard soled shoes usually disturb people in workplace, which is not welcomed in some instances such as hospital, spa or office.

Some people prefer to wear shoes made from synthetic materials or natural fibers to avoid using animal skins. It is also a factor to consider before buying your work shoes.

Work shoes help you get through busy days in comfort; and you deserve to have a good partner no matter you are working in office, kitchen or production environment. Remember that you must balance between your personal style, comfort and requirement at work. Therefore, take time to try and shop around.

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We hope our useful tips will make you more confident when choosing work shoes.
Finding a job after graduation can be tricky. Starting your first job can be even more nerve-wracking because your first day at work will mark the day you officially enter the adult world. The last thing you want on your first day is making a less-than-perfect impression with your wardrobe choice, or specifically your footwear choice. Choosing a pair of shoes that is stylish and professional yet comfortable to wear for a long day at work is definitely easier said than done. So, before you start shopping for your new office shoes, keep some of our tips in mind to make sure you won’t make a wrong decision!
1. Versatility is the key!
One way to spend your money wisely and save yourself from the hassle of picking the right shoes every morning is investing in a good pair of office shoes that can be used on numerous occasions and worn with many different outfits.
The basic black pumps have always been a top choice of professional women around the world thanks to the fact that they go well with anything, look flattering on almost everyone and never go out of style. On top of that; there are always so many different styles on the market, from affordable to high-end, for you to choose from.

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2. Don’t be scared to express yourself
Remember that looking professional and respectable for your job does not necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your personal taste. If you are confident in your fashion sense, don’t be too afraid to let your personality shine through.
You can always add some unique flair to your office footwear by going with bold colors such as red, pink or purple as long as you pair your shoes with the right outfit. Colorful prints, floral or animal prints are not off-limits when you wear them at the right time with a proper ensemble. Ribbons and bows are also a good way to spice up your look.
It takes a lot of practice to stay stylish without looking over-the-top but don’t be too shy to take fashion risks once in a while. You’ll get there, we promise!
3. Know the inappropriate
Although it may seem obvious that certain shoes are considered inappropriate for the office setting, some people out there are still making basic mistakes such as wearing flip-flops to an interview. Therefore, you always have to keep in mind what specific shoes are a no-no for work.

For example, sandals or gladiator boots are a bad choice if you have an important meeting. They should be reserved for after-work outings with friends or a shopping trip at the mall. Converse or sneakers are for picnic or a day out in the sun. Tacky high-heels that scream “I’m going to a night-club” are also a terrible idea. Do your research and understand your working environment to make sure your footwear choice will not cause you any problem with HR.
4. Don’t sacrifice comfort
Don’t misunderstand that wearing professional and appropriate shoes means you have to strap yourself
in heels all day at the office. Staying comfortable at work is also a key to high productivity. If your shoes
look good but they are bothering you all the time, how can you focus on your tasks?
You don’t always have to stick to heels to look presentable. Flat ballerina shoes are a feminine and
graceful option. They are also available in many colors and styles. If you work in a smart-casual
environment such as advertising agency or start-up, a pair of women Oxfords / Loafers is both comfy and
cute. When the weather is getting warmer, you can switch out your favorite pumps for a pair of open-toe

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Last but not least, don’t go for heels that are too high and always keep a pair of flat shoes under your
desk to change into when necessary.
In conclusion, there are some simple rules you have to remember when shopping for your first pair of
work shoes: go for versatility, don’t be scared to express yourself, know what shoes are inappropriate for
the workplace and don’t choose style over comfort. We hope you will have a great time at your new job
and impress everyone with your amazing footwear choice!

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